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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Thirteen developmental and commercially available seed applied fungicides were evaluated in the glasshouse and the field for their potential use in reducing SFNB severity... Four commercially available barley cultivars (Barque ,A Cowabbie, Schooner ,A VB9104) known to possess either complete, seedling or adult resistance to SFNB were evaluated in the field... In the glasshouse seedlings from the DPN (wheat), EBDSN (barley) and/or NVT (wheat and barley) lines were evaluated for reaction to yellow leaf spot (wheat) and spot and net forms of net blotch (barley)...
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Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
DOWNLOAD UPDATED WHEAT VARIETY RESISTANCE RATINGS FOR ROOT LESION NEMATODES (P. Thornei): 2.29: GCTV Ep#9 Crown Rot 2.62: Narrator: Seeing is believing and in this case what 5.27: you 11.65: Same population levels of Pratylenchus thornei in both plots, but on the right the moderately 17.23: nematode-tolerant EGA Wylie, on the left, the intolerant Strzelecki... 31.27: Narrator: This trial at Yallaroi in northwestern NSW 34.85: is one of a number being run by the Northern Grower Alliance in collaboration with NSW 40.71: DPI, and with GRDC 46.49: Pratylenchus thornei or Pratylenchus neglectus on rotation crops is being assessed... 285.15: Steven Simpfendorfer: Canola closes over the ground quite early, 287.58: produces a big bulky crop, get all that leaf drop, and that leaf is high in nitrogen, you 292.17: actually then drive decomposition of the cereal stubble underneath a lot more and you 295.55: break down more stubble and get rid of a lot more crown rot...
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