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GRDC gets out in the paddock with northern growers.. Caption: GRDC board member Rob Lewis, GRDC-funded PhD student Dan O'Connor and GRDC northern panel chair James Clark toured the glasshouses at the Bjelke-Peterson Research Facility at Kingaroy to look at peanut leaf disease screening projects... On the itinerary were GRDC-funded trials into new crop germplasm, agronomic practices and soil and crop nutrition being conducted at the University of Queensland (UQ) Gatton campus by UQ, CSIRO and Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI); meetings at Kingaroy with members of the Coastal Grower Solution group and GRDC-funded PhD students studying peanut..
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Mr Espinosa, whose research is part of the GRDC Soil Biology Initiative, says interactions between soil properties, plant biology and microbial activity are all likely to determine the amount of soil phosphorus that is mobilised by legumes... While legumes differ in their ability to mobilise soil phosphorus reserves, legume break crops contribute significantly to increase the phosphorus uptake of following wheat crops... Mr Espinosa says different legume crops have different strategies to mobilise phosphorus from the soil the benefit for the following wheat also varies among legume break crops...
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The project has underpinned a significant shift in the approach to cereal, pulse and canola production across the cropping areas of South Australia... Growers have changed their approach from a "recipe - high input" farming practice to a more tactile risk management approach with the skills gained from principles demonstrated throughout the project... The project has enabled growers to confidently apply later nitrogen to manage seasonal risk and crop canopies with little or no risk of decreased yields in drier than average seasons...
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