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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Take home message Lodging creates a major challenge for plant breeders because of the trade off between lodging resistance and grain yield potential... The stay-green trait can have a significant effect in reducing the occurrence of lodging... The importance of pathogens on lodging and any build-up that may occur under continuous sorghum cultivation is unclear and needs more research...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Growers now have help in assessing the economics of insecticide spraying to control sorghum midge, a major sorghum pest, thanks to a new online spray calculator... Levels of resistance to the pest vary between hybrids and growers may still need to apply insecticide to protect crops... Growers sowing sorghum later in the season - or after neighbouring sorghum fields have flowered - can expect high midge pressure and lower yields...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
While sorghum hybrids with varying levels of resistance are continuing to emerge in the marketplace, there is an expectation by industry that the scheme should continue to provide midge resistance ratings for these hybrids... The requirement has been recognised by each of the commercial seed companies which have agreed to continue funding of the scheme; DAFF, which supports the scheme with staff, facilities and in-kind contributions required to undertake testing, as well as GRDC, which is continuing funding of the scheme at least until 2014... We gave a presentation at the annual Australian Sorghum Research Group meeting (AusSORGM) at Cedar Creek in 2010...
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