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woolly pod vetch

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
New pulse varieties with improvements in adaptation to low rainfall environments are now available BUT sound crop and paddock selection along with correct and timely agronomic management practices are still essential to reduce production risks... It is important that growers follow standard pulse management guidelines for the crop and variety chosen... Lentil and chickpea growers in particular can benefit from on farm storage as it can assist in attaining the highest price for grain in some seasons and allow crops with poor quality issues (poor colour, wrinkled seed) or contaminants to be harvested quickly and stored until appropriate cleaning and marketing can occur...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Economic: In the project, a number of lines were assessed or selected with higher grain and hay yields than present varieties in areas of 330 to 500 mm/yr of rainfall... Lamb feeding experiments using Morava and Rasina (< 0.65% toxin in grain), showed extremely good growth... Project results showed 54 kg, 98 kg and 145 kg/ha were fixed after vetch for grain, hay and green manure, respectively...
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