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yellow alkaline noodle

Catalogue: Ground Cover
Those little packets of instant noodles, consumed the world over, could provide one of the keys to expanding Australian wheat exports to Asia... Dr Quail told the meetings that BRI Australia had carried out testing and product-development work with Asian customers to establish the best wheat varieties for Asian noodle-making... Continued research will also need to be undertaken to ensure that we keep abreast of market developments and changing food tastes, with demand for healthier foods considered the strongest new influence on consumer food choice...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project has provided new information on noodle colour and colour stability and in particular germplasm and screening technologies required by wheat breeders to significantly reduce polyphenol oxidase (PPO), a significant component of noodle darkening... Substantial progress has been made towards optimising levels or activities of some components, e.g. PPO, xanthophyll and lipoxygenase, whilst further research is required to realise potential improvements in other components... The procedure is technically demanding but will provide an accurate measure of apigenin content that is required for germplasm surveys and QTL location...
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