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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Hybridity of putative hybrid plantlets was confirmed at the DNA level using published Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers... (a) Shoots were regenerated from very immature ovule cultures of the wide cross between chickpea (ICCV 10) X C. bijugum (ILWC 260), which were rescued in vitro to avoid abortion from the mother plant... (b) The hybridity of such hybrids was confirmed on the basis of DNA polymorphism...
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Catalogue: GRDC Media
The new Gunnedah population on the left looks healthy, showing it has a much higher level of resistance compared to the sample in the centre which is known to be susceptible, and the original resistant Moree population on the right... The world's third case of glyphosate resistant liverseed grass has been confirmed in northern New South Wales, seven years after the first two cases were confirmed from east of Moree... "While this is only the third confirmed case of glyphosate resistant liverseed grass in seven years, it comes from a new area and has a much higher level of resistance than previous populations," stated Tony Cook, Technical Specialist (Weeds) with NSW Department of Primary Industries...
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