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Catalogue: Broadacre Field Crops DAFF QLD
Sunflowers are grown for oil production, birdseed and confectionary... Usually considered a short-season opportunity crop, sunflower is best suited to mild temperatures, but can be grown in relatively hot areas as long as moisture is not limiting... In Central Queensland, sunflower is favoured because it is a reliable producer on shallow soils and provides an option for late summer planting...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Actual probabilities of weediness in an operational setting were found to be much lower than would be expected based on the performance of the WRA against test data containing a high proportion of weeds, and uncertainty around classifications was high... The methods presented have wider application to the quantitative prediction of invasive species for situations where the base-rate probability of invasiveness is subject to uncertainty, and the accuracy of the screening test is imperfect... Statistical modelling was used to estimate the base proportion of introduced alien plants that will naturalise at some stage in the future, and determined the distribution of times until naturalisation for these plants...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Each year Ground Cover follows a group of growers from across Australia as they manage the unfolding winter cropping season... Boron toxicity in our heavy clay subsoils and climate variability are challenges, and improved water use efficiency and more profitable break crops, such as canola, are opportunities... Yield gains, waterlogging and controlling pests and weeds are challenges, and new varieties and yield mapping are opportunities...
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