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sardi grazer

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The importance of lucerne in Australia continues to grow... In the project, background research has been carried out that will allow development of improved lucerne cultivars which will increase the productivity and utilisation of lucerne in Australia... If we are to achieve greater productivity and utilisation of lucerne, then the strategic research undertaken in this project should continue...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
New lucerne cultivar extends rotation options.. "Plant breeding and evaluation trials leading to the development of SARDI-Grazer occurred mainly in low to medium-rainfall areas such as SA's Murray Mallee, as well as the cereal belt in WA, so we have been pleasantly surprised to see it performing so well in high-rainfall areas such as Timboon in south-west Victoria," Mr Humphries says... Mr Humphries says that once established, SARDI-Grazer could be grazed in a two-paddock rotation with six to eight weeks of grazing followed by six to eight weeks of recovery: "The recovery period is critical for recharging the energy reserves of the plant so it maintains excellent levels of production and persistence," he says...
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