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noodle quality

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
A collaboration was completed between BRI Australia Ltd (formerly the Bread Research Institute) and the Uni-President Enterprises Corporation (UPEC) in Taiwan to assess wheat and flour specifications for instant and dried noodle production... The wheat has a high proportion of the variety Chara and a sample evaluated in the study also performed better than DNS. Most Australian wheat samples tested produced better results than the HRW samples... The study demonstrates that Australian wheat has great potential to produce high quality noodles for China...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Wheat varietal classification together with wheat receival standards aims to deliver grain of consistent physical quality, processing performance and end-product quality to customers and end-users in a differentiated form (grades) allowing exporters (or traders) to optimise value capture from markets for the benefit of industry... To achieve consistent differentiated end product quality, wheat varietal classification focuses entirely on the genetic potential of wheat varieties... There is particular emphasis on the need for excellent yellow alkaline noodle making quality...
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