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Catalogue: Ground Cover
While researchers would prefer growers not to grow varieties susceptible to stripe rust, in some areas yield considerations override the rust risk... The research found protection at the flag leaf stage (GS39) provides the greatest yield response and it is the most important leaf to keep diseasefree... "Which option a grower chooses should be based on a strategy which considers varietal choice and rating, seasonal conditions and yield potential, crop rotation, sowing time, fungicide strategy, ability to spray on time and profitability," Mr Hamblin says...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The model is limited in its application for sprays applied with ground rigs in Australia because it does not include newer nozzle types or drift reduction technologies... Vertical flux measured at a distance of 2m downwind of the sprayed area shows greater than 90% reduction when the shield was used... The present report describes a project which was conducted to offer options for the use of coarser sprays as part of an interim ground drift model...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The document and supporting documents and discussions with APVMA explain that a key approach to labelling application options for reducing spray drift exposure risk and the size of associated no-spray buffer zones was the consideration of nozzle selection and use for obtaining target emission droplet size spectra in size categories described by ASAE standard S572 (ASAE, 1999)... The size of the no-spray buffer zones would depend on 1) the drift exposure risk and 2) the active ingredient product toxicity "level of concern" for specific sensitive areas... Within the last month, APVMA, through consultation with The University of Queensland (UQ), GRDC, pesticide registrants and others has issued notice that it is keen to introduce more choice in regulations through a new Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) scheme - see
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Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
1.43: GCTV Ep#11 Spray Drift Technology 10.14: Narrator: Jane Drinkwater Since the 2010 implementation of government-proposed 23.88: regulations requiring new pesticides be assessed for spray drift, and new chemical labels might 30.05: prescribe mandatory no-spray buffer zones, spray drift has been a hot topic for the agricultural 36.41: sector... Much so a National Working Party on Pesticide 40.72: Application made up of growers and industry representatives was formed to ensure scientific 46.6: accuracy underpins any decision-making process... Safety, Uni of Qld, Gatton 121.509: We want to look at the nozzle, the pressure, the angle, the speed of the sprayer how fast 126.649: is he driving or flying if its an aircraft, the pesticide, the herbicide and the adjuvants 132.45: that they add and then the meteorology is important too so we need to look at the temperature, 136.87: humidity, wind speed, wind direction...
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