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vigorous wheat line

Catalogue: GRDC Media
Highly vigorous wheat lines have been developed which can produce up to double the biomass of commonly grown varieties by the early tillering stage, effectively shading out weeds... Increased root growth also enables the wheat to out-compete weeds for water and nutrients... The best of the competitive lines grown at Eradu yielded 3.4 tonnes per hectare, compared with 3.5t/ha for Magenta , the top yielding commercial line...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Early vigour is an important trait in improving the competitive ability of wheat, which helps to restrict increases in the weed seedbank... The outcome can only be achieved through breeding that will target specifically high vigour backgrounds because there is limited variation for competitive ability among Australian wheat varieties... Studies in UA00061 were based on using cultivated oats as the weed competitor but there is a need to assess stability of competitive ability across weed species...
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