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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project has focused on monitoring blackleg populations for virulence by exploiting markers for avirulence (Avr) genes in the fungus, which are complementary to resistance (Rlm) genes in the plant... Selection pressure acting on one avirulence gene can also influence other avirulence genes that are closely linked... Only two genes (LmCys2 and AvrLm6) have mutations in attacking isolates and are considered candidate genes...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The choice of fungicide treatments at seeding is very important for managing diseases on farm as well as across a region... A particular concern with NFNB is the continuing rapid evolution of virulence in this pathogen with Keel, Maritime , Fleet and Oxford showing rapid falls in resistance rating in recent years... Extensive testing of isolates of the fungus taken across SA in recent years has shown that none of the strains tested have combined virulence on Fleet and Maritime so in some areas Maritime may have appeared as quite resistant...
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