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sunflower disease

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CuRRenT AnD POTenTiAl COsTs fROM DiseAses Of OilseeD CROPs in AusTRAliA | 37 | GRDC a marked difference in present losses between the Northern and Southern Regions: disease loss in the Northern is 21.6 sper cent of the gross value of production and 6.3 per cent in the Southern... GRDC | 40 | CuRRenT AnD POTenTiAl COsTs fROM DiseAses Of OilseeD CROPs in AusTRAliA 5.3.2 Distribution of the pathogens in Australia Nineteen of the 32 diseases surveyed were reported as present in one or more zones in Australia... Overall, oilseed diseases have the potential to cause very significant costs for farmers...
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" Reducing the impact of pulse diseases in the northern region (incorporating DAQ00073) DAQ00108 Start Date: 01/07/2006.. The previous year, in collaboration with Pulse Australia, this project had provided many local agronomists with information on recognition of ascochyta blight at a certified chickpea agronomist course at Emerald, and a pre-season chickpea Update attended by over 70 people... Despite the focus on IDM for individual pathogen-host combinations, there is a need to understand the impact of IDM packages on a whole farming system scale on the interrelatedness between all of the plant pathogens in that system...
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Effective disease management requires the selection and application of a number strategies to minimise crop losses and maximise sunflower yield and oil quality... Recent research has identified that northern grain-growing soils are capable of suppressing root-lesion nematodes, especially in the top layer (0-15 cm) of soil, and this capacity can be enhanced by increasing the biological activity of that soil, mainly through carbon inputs and minimising soil disturbance... Research is continuing to develop methods of increasing biological activity to enhance suppressiveness deeper in the profile...
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