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soil water knowledge

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Whilst managing the water balance of crops is one of the most critical issues in Australian dryland agriculture, there has been limited information available to farm managers that allows the productive capacity of soils to be considered when making crop management decisions... Evaluation of project activities showed that whilst growers were interested in soil water management and were prepared to use Yield Prophet as a tool for in-season crop management, they generally relied on their consultants to undertake the pre-season monitoring and input of data... Whilst the project has had a major influence in promoting the value of soil water in management, there is an on-going need for higher level training as well as the development of increased capacity in soil characterisation and monitoring through the exploration and adoption of new technologies...
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Catalogue: GRDC Media
Increased knowledge about soil water is allowing growers to better manage risk and match inputs to the productive capacity of their soils, according to agronomist Craig Topham... Agronomist Craig Topham says many growers are already capitalising on their ability to measure and manage water holding capacity... Mr Topham, of Agrarian Management, is one of the 'Soil Water Champions' assisting a research project which aims to improve grower and consultant understanding of how to best use soil water information in farm decision making...
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