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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Blade, Kite, EGA Eagle Rock, and Sloop SA barley showed tolerance to metribuzin, exhibiting little change in seedling density and anthesis dry matter (DM) when treated with metribuzin (187.5 and 375 g/ha)... Estimates of regression parameter B (slope s.e.) for seedling density (plants/m2) and shoot DM (g/m2) of wheat genotypes treated with metribuzin (0, 187.5, and 375 g/ha) at a eld site at Cleve in 2004 Two-tailed t-tests were performed to compare differences in B (slope) values with Spear, a sensitive genotype... There is a need to identify alternative sources of metribuzin tolerance, which can be incorporated into Australian wheats...
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