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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project has shown how the practice of SSM can deliver large, consistent and recurring increases in the yields of cereals, canola and pulse crops grown on Sodosol soils across the HRZ of Victoria... The practice was developed to overcome crop yield constraints caused by dense clay subsoils that are widespread across the HRZ. Low aeration in the clay limits deep root growth into the subsoil and this has been identified as a cause for the generally disappointing crop yields in the Victorian HRZ. Earlier research demonstrated how SSM can transform the physical properties of the clay layers... For sites with the 1/2 SSM treatment (6 site x seasons), the commercial wheat crop yielded an average of 6.2t/ha, the full SSM 9.7t/ha, and the 1/2 SSM 8.8 t/ha (42% response).This was surprising and suggests that this lower rate of manure incorporation will also give increases in grain yield...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The Update Proceedings Booklet from the Victorian session of the GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers, held in Ballarat on 5-6 February 2014... Blackleg pod infection, resistance group monitoring and sclerotinia, Steve Marcroft, Marcroft Grains Pathology P/L.. Keep browsing 0 Responses to GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers (Ballarat, Victoria) 2014..
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