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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Through the project, and other work by the Liebe Group, growers were able to review their fertiliser use, understand plant nutrition and recognise the need to protect gross margins and reduce their financial risks in a variable climate... Through previous research conducted in the area, there was an understanding that growers could improve their systems by optimising time of sowing, managing soil types more effectively, increasing their understanding of crop N use and better understanding soil water dynamics to make more informed and flexible decisions as seasons unfold... The short term objective of the project was to deliver quality information to growers and industry about adaptation options...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
WA growers adapt to changing rainfall patterns.. Dr Stephens says earlier sowing has benefits for crops, as they experience lower evaporative demand through the growing season and appear to be less affected by declining rain in October and increasing spring temperatures... During the growing season, Dr Stephens says changing climate will also require adaptation of input strategies and changes to crop disease and pest risks, especially with more summer rain creating 'green bridges'...
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