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bread wheat line

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
A disease control model for crown rot in Victoria and South Australia (SA) which provides crop management recommendations to reduce the build-up of Fusarium inoculum and avoid sowing into high disease risk situations... Crown rot is highly spatially variable, so intensive and extensive sampling programs were undertaken to assess the the reliability of results produced using current sampling protocols... Intensive stubble and soil sampling was used to assess the scale of spatial variability of crown rot and whether taking soil cores in a row crop was causing "spikes" in results...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Salt-tolerant plants possess the ability to either tolerate high levels of sodium or to exclude sodium from their system... Modern bread wheat is naturally more salt tolerant than durum wheat because it has a gene that helps exclude sodium from the xylem system, which stops it from reaching the leaves... The absence of the gene in durum wheat means it takes up about five times more sodium than its bread wheat cousins...
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