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mcpa diuron

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Although some herbicide mixtures can improve efficacy and broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled in sub clover based pastures, results are not directly transferable to other pasture legume species... Shaded results show acceptable damage (26 July) gp n iu mo ira T GHerbicide (r te/ha) B Spinnaker 70 g B Spinnaker 140 g E C Diuron 1500 mL P SK/C Dual Gold 500 mL P K/C Dual Gold 500 mL + Diuron 750 mL K/C Dual Gold 500 mL + Diuron 1500 mL B Broadstrike 25 g + oil B/C Broadstrike 25 g + Diuron 200 mL + oil B Raptor #45 g + oil + ammonium sulphate tB/C Raptor 15 g + Bromoxynil 370 mL + wet n e B Spinnaker 85 g + wet g r Spinnaker 50 g + Diuron 300 mL + eB/C m ammonium sulphate e t B s C romoxynil 1500 mL o P C Simazine 1500 mL F/I Tigrex 500 mL # I MCPA (500ai) amine 750 mL I/C MCPA 750 mL + Diuron 200 mL lsd (p<0.05).. Lightning APersian clover was sensitive to most herbicides options evaluated in this trial...
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