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biserrula pasture

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project was designed to provide information about the ability of biserrula ( Biserrula pelecinus) pastures to contribute to grain production systems in the medium and low rainfall wheatbelt areas of Western Australia... Pasture crop rotation trials demonstrated that biserrula and its rhizobia are capable of persistence through at least three consecutive cereal crops, allowing farmers to crop more frequently and still retain legume dominant pastures... Further work is required to identify what appears to be a secondary plant compound in biserrula that can induce photosensitisation in some environmental circumstances...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Summer sowing hard-seeded annual pasture legumes, using seed harvested on-farm, has been a robust method of establishing pastures on Mike O'Hare's New South Wales property.. Ms Hackney says the high feed availability of all species, but particularly the biserrula, in autumn/winter is of substantial value to mixed-farming enterprises and has implications for increased nitrogen fixation for subsequent crops... Overall, lamb live-weight gains averaged 350 grams per head per day when measured over 56 days during spring 2014...
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