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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Seasonal challenges tilt the N balance.. Nitrogen (N) management in Australian winter cereal crops continues to challenge growers and advisers across the country due to a combination of cost pressures, seasonal variability and the strong relationship between seasonal yield potential and crop N demand... Growers and advisers in different regions have developed various approaches to estimate N demand (for example, expected yields based on seasonal forecasts and stored soil water) and likely N available to the crop (soil N at planting and/or estimates of in-season N release from soil organic matter and residues)...
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Catalogue: Online Farm Trials
In the 2014 season there were no significant yield advantages recorded at five sites across upper Eyre Peninsula when using the fungicide products over the nil treatments... Available water capacity computed for each of the specified depth increments.. Depth is inclusive of all regolith...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project has produced L. angustifolius lines with lower proportions of seed coats or pod walls for direct use in breeding programs... The alternative low-alkaloid genes generated may provide a new avenue of crop improvement in NLL if they are shown to be associated with higher yield potential than the current iucundus low-alkaloid is thought to be... Material evaluated during the project showed the success of using single-seed near infra-red (NIR) to screen a seed population for individual seeds with varying seed-quality attributes...
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