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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
Preliminary evaluation entries from previous years that have experienced narrow margin % yield reductions at higher than recommended rate are 'Advanced' to these trials for closer evaluation... The sensitivity of the variety compared to unsprayed controls of the same variety is summarised, using the following symbols based on the yield responses across all trials: not tested or only tested at higher than recommended rate (Please check Preliminary Evaluation tables) no significant yield reductions at higher than recommended rates in (Z) trials.. It must be emphasised that crop tolerance and yield responses to herbicides are strongly influenced by seasonal conditions...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Wheat variety yields in 2011, across 25 South Australian NVT, were above average and ranged from 1.4t/ha at Wanbi to 6.6 t/ha at Cummins, with the trial at Penong failing due to variability from grass competition... This early maturing wheat, is susceptible to CCN but has moderate resistance to stem and stripe rust and is MS/S to leaf rust and MS to yellow spot... Seed is licensed to Pacific Seeds MaceA Mace (RAC 1372), released by AGT, is derived from Wyalkatchem, but has an AH classification taller plant height, is MR/MS to stem rust, MR to leaf rust and is rated..
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Field experiments were at weed-free sites, with comparison of yields from areas sprayed with registered herbicides at the recommended and double rates and untreated control areas for each cultivar... Not all cultivars were included in each field trial... Significant yield reductions at the recommended rate were recorded for the following herbicides and cultivars: Bromicide 200 - Binalong, 11% in 1 of 4 trials; Gilbert, 10% in 1 of 3 trials; Grimmett, 13% in 1 of 4 trials...
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