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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
In a recent survey 96% of growers indicated their knowledge about soil health had increased as a result of this project; 94% indicated they were better at making decisions for their business regarding soil health and 91% indicated information from the Liebe Group had been useful for changing farm practices... Professor Daniel Murphy, of UWA, analysed results from the Liebe Group's long term Soil Biology Trial, which has been measuring soil organic carbon build up since 2003, and the results of this analysis have provided growers with an indication of realistic soil organic carbon levels that can be targeted... Seven fact sheets about soil amelioration have been produced. . They contain concise and practical information to be used as starting points for growers investigating soil amelioration options...
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The CSIRO has discovered an Australian strain of a "mineral-eating" fungus that promises to release nutrients from soil minerals and boost crop yields... The strains that have now been discovered can release nutrients from soil minerals... To date, the major limitation has been the identification and development of strains of Penicillium suited to local soils and environmental conditions...
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How wet is your soil: Tools for working out plant available water capacity.. "If growers understand how rainfall is captured and stored for future crop production, know their soil characteristics and moisture levels at key times like planting, as well as what tools to use for monitoring it can assist in the decision making... PAWC or size of the soil bucket is determined by the soil type - the proportions of sand, silt and clay, the soil depth and the crop which is being grown...
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