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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Professor Powles, who heads the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI), based at the University of Western Australia, told growers and advisers at the Grains Research Update in Perth that 86 per cent of maize and 94 per cent of soybean crop fields in the US are sown with Roundup Ready (RR) crops... After RR was introduced, growers switched to using a single mode of action - glyphosate... A major increase in glyphosate-resistant weeds has occurred, Professor Powles says...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
The study is about the management of weeds in those HTGM crops that have been grown overseas... Reduced tillage/no-till/zero-till Conventional agricultural practice involved cultivation prior to sowing of a crop or pasture to kill weeds and prepare the seed bed... but only for a while" Phil Stahlman Weed scientist Kansas State University Going to a total RR system in the corn-soybean rotation has, I believe, made farmers lazy with many just using glyphosate for weed control...
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