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Catalogue: Ground Cover
The GRDC"s introduction of National Variety Trials has moved a step closer with the appointment of an NVT manager, Mr Alan Bedggood, from the Victorian Institute for Dryland Agriculture... The project leader for the NVT program, Dr Andreas Betzner, said the appointment of an NVT manager had cleared the way for the "expressions of interest" process for organisations to run the trials... Dr Betzner said that although the plan was to implement the trials by April 2005 the complexities of setting up contracts and establishing operational frameworks might require a transition period...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Export I focused my study on the Middle East, India and China as markets with potential for expansion in the supply of fresh Australian produce... I believe Horticultural industries need to focus on incorporating renewable fuels into their production systems especially in the cold chain and global distribution of perishable produce from Australia to key Northern hemisphere markets... Energy use within the food system needs to be accurately dispersed between those involved in its production, distribution marketing and consumption so that the imposed environmental cost is not landed on the producer...
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