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soil reflectance

Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
The objective of my study was to understand the principals behind carbon trade and the on ground farming practices that may enhance soil health, increase sequestration and potentially increase greater amounts of soil carbon... I firmly believe that agriculture has a positive role to play in carbon sequestration and although not the sole answer to reducing all CO 2 emissions farmers and farming operations deserve good information to serve them now and into the future... 1% OC = 3.6 kg/m 2= 14.4 litres/m 2= 144,000 litres/ ha The above calculation shows that an increase of 14.4 litres of extra plant available water could be stored per square metre in the top 30cm of soil with a bulk density of 1.2g/m 3, for every 1% increase in the level of soil organic carbon in addition to the current water holding capacity of the soil itself...
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