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Other impacts and conflicts of interest may have a long term effect on the success of implementing genomics and I will address these issues the dairy industry and policy makers will need to consider if it is to be successful... The Australian dairy industry has seen vast genetic improvements over the last 70 years with the introduction of Artificial Insemination (AI), herd testing, semen processing, sire proofing, introduction of breeding values for traits and now the evolution of genomic technology... It is imperative that any data collected from herd recording figures, workability data or confirmation evaluation, needs to follow a clear and definite path to the final users in order for service providers to evaluate in an appropriate and prompt manner delivering accurate and valuable information to the farming industry to allow farmers to make more informed decisions to drive their business into the future...
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A similar result was seen at Bookham NSW using a 12 month average wool price (June 2010 to June 2011) and showed a difference in fleece value from $83/head to $45/head over the 33 teams participating... The difference is commonly seen and highlights the opportunities available to the Merino industry... Sally Martin "Spring Glen" 288 Maimuru Road, YOUNG NSW 2594 < Keep browsing 0 Responses to Sheep Production - Measuring using the difference..
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