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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
I believe those farmers who have the philosophy "my job is to grow the grain, not market it" may struggle under a new freer grain marketing arrangement, especially if they are not prepared to spend time on that arm of their business... The issue of accountability, often seen as a negative, can actually be a powerful tool to help drive a business forward I saw many examples of joint ventures in my Nuffield travels, some of which I will provide more detail on later in this report... I believe one of the great opportunities in agriculture currently is for more farmers to take control of their own destiny and create their own opportunities by becoming more business savvy...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The move towards collaborative ventures has always been a natural progression for John, with his involvement in a cooperative farmer buying group, a farm management discussion group "Breakthrough", and their share farming operations... In a unique arrangement, their business also shares an employee with another like minded farming operation fifty kilometres away, creating one full time position between the two properties... In 2006 John was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, sponsored by ABB Ltd, to study collaborative ventures around the world...
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