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Catalogue: Grains Notes DEPI VIC
The Agnote provides information on bioethanol, drivers and barriers for production, markets, and research and development in Victoria... The production of bioethanol has been occurring overseas for a number of years but is in its infancy in Australia... The Agnote was developed by Aimee McCutheon...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
We need to show our customers just how professional we are at our job through programs such as I have mentioned as well as being seen as positive... The Education Solution The term is so broad that it is easy to generalize I suggest that if as farmers we don't use education for our own benefit our industry will fall behind... I am not providing the "magic bullet" for farmers as that is almost impossible to get a "one size fits all" system...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Based on observations made during my scholarship travels, I believe the following areas of research need to be pursued if farmers are to gain benefits from a Biofuel Industry... The report reviews current international practice in the development of technical processes involved in the production of biofuels, the raw materials used in the course of production and the policies adopted by various developed and developing nations to support the industry... Other ways that the NOx emissions can be reduced in biodiesel are by recirculating the exhaust gas (this lowers the temperature of combustion), increase the cetane number of the fuel by using highly saturated feedstocks (this results in fuel igniting faster, reducing the amount of fuel in the self ignition phase and reducing the temperature)...
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