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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
But I believe my mind was sufficiently open to face the reality of what I was to investigate and the principle that we could adapt if there is the need to change Distance usually prevents Australian producers involved in the Livestock export trade a full appreciation of all fundamentals steering the future direction of their industry and individual businesses... There is also a demand for the direct purchase of live animals particularly in the Muslim festivals... The factors strongly indicate there will always be a demand for the supply of live animals to the many nations without the capacity to produce livestock themselves...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Our region was well on the way to building its regional brand when I applied for my scholarship... Objectives The aim of this study was to develop a working model for regional branding that will work across all regions of Australia... We need industry to bring cash flow into the region so that we can maintain a high standard of living...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Products may be identified by proprietary or trade names to help readers identify particular types of products but this is not, and is not intended to be, an endorsement or recommendation of any product or manufacturer referred to... David Fulwood Sponsored by GRDC 1.. In the report I will illustrate some of these examples to show how commodities can be turned into value added products...
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