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efficient supply chain

Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Decision making within a category is often price driven and disjointed there is a need for a value chain that is transparent and collaborative between three parties - the retailer, supplier and consumer... The overall viability of such programs may only be short lived for several reasons: economics, changing consumer buying behaviours and consumer lifestyles, or competition... European suppliers are in touch with the needs of both consumers and retailers...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Debate puts spotlight on handling efficiencies.. The production advances that growers have made on-farm need to be matched by more efficient supply chains if the Australian industry is to remain competitive, say those working on the grain handling and shipping side of the industry... While most of the changes introduced as part of the deregulation of Australian wheat exports are seen by many in the trade to be a necessary move, international shippers remain critical of Australian shipping contracts, which they say make Australia a less attractive country of origin for customers...
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