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broadleaf species

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" Facilitating increased on-farm adoption of broadleaf species in crop sequences to improve grain production and profitability.. The area sown to pulse legume crops or canola has dramatically declined in the past 8-10 years, and despite 65-70% of southern grain region still growing pastures in rotation with crops, many of these pastures tend to have low legume contents and provide little nitrogen benefit to following crops... There are many good reasons why growers have reduced the frequency of use of broadleaf species in recent years related to late starts to the growing season, drought and risk aversion...
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Mean three year gross margin $/ha with crop type and end use grown in 2009 followed by CorrellA wheat in 2010 and 2011 at sand site... Table 1 illustrates that all the break crop options evaluated at Junee in 2011 had higher gross margins than barley or wheat except chickpea, and the pea and lupin grown for brown manure rather than grain... It is assumed that rhizobial numbers in the soil were high enough for the crop to reach its potential...
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A project is underway in southern NSW to help growers put broadleaf species into crop rotations to improve grain production and profitability... NSW DPI research scientist Dr Guangdi Li, based at Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, says each of the grower groups is responsible for coordinating large-scale studies to compare crop performance with and without broadleaf species, while researchers concentrate on the benefits of break crops on nitrogen nutrition, disease break and weeds aspects... Dr Li says the project aims to identify whether profitable broadleaf cropping rotations are available as alternatives to continuous cereal cropping, and to provide guidelines for grain growers and their advisers on when and where to include what break crops to achieve the best outcome...
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