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food demand

Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
The threat could hinder Australian agriculture's ability to perform and compete internationally; to minimise the threat we should discuss a cross-commodity program, which involves government, and develops an understanding within our urban community of modern farming practices and the benefit of this to the environment, animals and people of Australia... Some specialists (Haniotis, 2011) reported strong government support, especially where the cost of supporting sustainable rural communities and the loss of eco-services provided by agriculture is properly valued against the cost of supporting agriculture... As a result of this missing contract the community supports agriculture less and less and the example was given in the States 22..
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Global agricultural commodity prices are likely to remain strong in the coming decade, with the price and profit outlook being the most promising in many years, delegates at the Agribusiness Crop Updates were told... "We expect there will be a dip in crop prices in the next couple of years, but that these prices will then level out at a historically high level," Mr Dwyer said... Other important factors impacting on global food and agricultural prices in the next decade included increased use of biotechnology leading to higher yields and reduced input costs; and an increase in the amount of land planted to crops, especially in South America and the former Soviet Union...
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