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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The project will provide a disease screening facility for the Barley Breeding Australia (BBA) program based in South Australia with a particular focus on leaf scald but also including the net blotches and other pathogens... The project will also assist barley breeding programs by identifying novel and/or durable sources of resistance to foliar pathogens and incorporating those into elite lines where they can readily be used as parents in the mainstream breeding programs... The project also aims to help develop durum varieties with resistance to crown rot by identifying and developing useful germplasm using different donors of resistance and screening / breeding strategies...
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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
I believe Lambplan shows us that breeds or individual animals that carry some beneficial genes identified by markers (eg textile strength via Moyomax and worm resistance via Loinmax), lack growth advantages that other breeds, or individual sheep have demonstrated they have... New Zealand does have a central progeny test site which compared different breeds on the one site; a good system which we have used in Australia as well... I believe the results support my point that fat is not a problem when using high growth genetics...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
In order to generate the greatest benefits for Australian growers, the project aims to maximise the genetic improvement of all commercial sorghum breeding programs... The major difference is that the lines are evaluated in hybrid combination... The project has produced a range of genetically diverse parent lines enriched for MR and SG. During project DAQ00015, 236 lines of this type were licensed to private seed companies...
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