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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
Advice concerning the significance and control of the more common pests, or potential pests, of these crops is presented... Value of the crop (high value crops cannot sustain too much damage as a small loss in yield or quality could mean a large financial loss), the cost of the spray and its application and the likely yield or quality benefit gained from control... Crop monitoring Ongoing monitoring of crops and surrounding vegetation is essential to determine the presence of both pests and predators, and when, if any, intervention is required to keep pests at an acceptable level or, if feasible, boost predator numbers by introducing them into the system...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Demonstrated stewardship of pesticides is required to maintain and get access to pesticides... Threats to crops continue to mount through a decreasing armoury of management tools particularly pesticides, introduction of new weeds, pests and diseases and resistance to pesticides... If field studies are required to assess the risk of the new use, these are expensive studies and GRDC is unlikely to invest...
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