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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
A high yielding variety with early mid maturity, slightly quicker than Baxter in the north and similar to Ventura in the South Solid Stripe rust resistance package (MR) based on Adult Plant Resistance Good tolerance to Root Lesion Nematodes (P.thornei) (MT-MI) Long Coleoptiles with strong early seedling vigour Market leading grain package with large grain size, low screenings High protein accumulation.. t e Bpd rmol (r pe g te seust e tce u sor n bu r p iuCu h v rst P. S,i t , s,)vo i )Vets e w raa VLt e n o smr lMR l slao C ot e e h syASMTa t ( (, s n,d a ) s s e r s)Vn u eu e uV d r a h srR itiiM o c sL,t v v D )tfn e CBi cf Va e wi (( r s a l a mhy utsessW tt e luu r S - eodrr e a iTlr eii N VBmrvv( IlP e l o t g u n fl i a d p n x u o a odt ns ris a Gdr ) o fn s o l eai s,o ns eis ze u add dii e ir c t s tia e ... In short season northern areas one irrigation at early pod-fill (early-mid August) may be all that is required...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
1. Management of crown rot It is important that reliable estimates of yield losses in barley in Victoria caused by both F. pseudograminearum and Fusarium culmorum are determined... Crown rot research has shown that average annual losses of 4.5% in paddocks with crown rot symptoms can be reduced following adoption of management strategies evaluated within this project... Resistance to bacterial blight In this project, field peas were shown to vary in their response to bacterial blight caused byPss the inheritance of this variation and its nature (i.e. resistance or tolerance to infection) needs to be determined if breeders are to make continuing progress in developing field pea varieties with resistance to this disease...
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