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Early work on canola focused on weed management strategies including the breeding of herbicide tolerant canola varieties such as triazine tolerant (TT) varieties which now account for an estimated 90% of canola grown in WA... Research is still being conducted to determine the effect of these viruses on the yield of canola in WA. European work has found seed yield losses of 10-15% associated with this virus disease in canola... The amount of air passed through the grain is measured in litres per second per tonne and varies depending on the particular aeration strategy...
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Victorian Mallee grower James McKee, a committee member of the Victorian No-Till Farmers Association, says he first saw no-till prove itself in 2002, when he planted part of his crop that way and then watched the topsoil on country that was not under no-till turn to dust and blow away in the dry weather... "I had been working the soil less and less before sowing anyway, and found with the proper management, crops planted with notill can at least equal, and often outperform, those planted with all the old-style cultivations beforehand," Mr McKee says... In an average year Mr McKee likes to have about 20 per cent of his country under chemical fallow, with a couple of glyphosate sprays during the fallow year, and has achieved excellent results - perhaps 2.5 tonnes to the hectare of wheat in the immediately following crop, against a general average of about 2t/ha...
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I am the principle spray operator and, like the vast majority of broad acre farmers, I regularly apply pesticides including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to control weeds, insects and crop disease... Pesticides are widely used in agriculture to control weeds, insects and crop disease, reducing labour, energy and water requirements, and optimising potential crop yield and ultimately farm income... The overall objective of the project was to promote the adoption of the best practice spray application process by engaging key stakeholders (including government, chemical and spray applicator manufacturers, researchers, farmers and spray operators) and by applying principles from around the world on ways to simplify pesticide application whilst maximising pesticide efficacy and field efficiency, and sustaining the environment...
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