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permitted weed seed

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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
Use of the Standards is not mandatory industry is encouraged to adopt all elements of the Standards where possible... Refractive index is measured at 25 oC and reported to the nearest 0.001... Commodity : EDIBLE MILLING GRADE SOYBEAN Standard Reference No: CSO 6 Parameter Specification Comment/Variation Description Edible soybeans comprising clean, sound, whole soybeans of light hilum varieties suitable for milling into flour General Soybeans tended for delivery shall be free from any uncharacteristic odours, live stored product insect infestation and any nominated commercially unacceptable contaminant Genetic Modification nil Beans shall comply with the Australian standard for freedom from genetically modified materials Moisture 12% maximum Test Weight 70 kg/hl minimum Must be measured by a Trade Certified Chondrometer Protein n/a Seed Retention n/a Germination n/a..
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