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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
Of the new varieties there is already established market demand for Commander barley, but Bass, Granger, Henley and Scope are undergoing or beginning international market development... Bass is being assessed for export as grain, export as malt and for the shochu market in Japan... Demand is decreasing in the Kwinana Port Zone for export as malt, but there is stable demand for export as grain from the Albany and Esperance Port Zones...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Thank you to the Grain Industry of Western Australia (GIWA) Barley Council for providing information on market demand for malting and food varieties in Western Australia at the 2014/15 harvest... Varietal resistance to BYD and CYD does not reduce the need to spray for aphids to prevent yield loss from feeding damage once they reach threshold levels in the crop (50% of tillers with 15 or more aphids)... On farm reactions of v differ if the pathotype/s present differ to the pathotype used in testing...
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