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Small lesions at the leaf axil (where the stem of a leaf meets the branch) or long lesions the entire height of the plant... "In the past plants only had leaves during the main infection period in the winter, but now plants may have already begun elongation during the winter, so that the plants have stems and branches to be directly infected," Dr Marcroft says... GRDC-funded research undertaken in 2015 by Marcroft Grains Pathology in glasshouses showed that when plants were infected after elongation the upper-stem infections occurred, whereas when they were inoculated during the vegetative stage they developed 'traditional' crown canker but escaped the stem/branch infection...
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The sensitivity of the variety is summarised, using the following symbols based on the yield responses across all trials: not tested or insufficient data no significant yield reductions at recommended rates or higher than recommended rates in 2+ trials (narrow margin) significant yield reductions at higher than recommended rate in 1+ trials, but not at recommended rate.. x% yield reduction (warning) significant yield reduction at recommended rate in 1 trial only x-y% yield reductions (warning) significant yield reductions at recommended rate in 2+ trials Always follow label recommendations... It must be emphasised that crop tolerance and yield responses to herbicides are strongly influenced by seasonal conditions...
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