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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
" Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems 3 Responsive Farming Systems.. This project builds on the communication networks, grower groups, research team and reputation developed through two prior GRDC funded Eyre Peninsula (EP) Farming Systems projects that were highly successful in engaging growers, researchers and agribusiness on EP and in promoting relevant outcomes for the community and the grains industry... Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2008 (Summary of research results and relevant agricultural information, available free to all farmers on EP and is also sent to other regions and interstate, 1200 copies) Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2009 Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2010 Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2011 Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2012 One poster and two papers presented at the 14th Australian Agronomy Conference Global Issues Paddock Action in Adelaide in September 2008...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Bencubbin grain grower Tony Sachse (left) is trialling lime incorporation with a Grizzly offset disc plough to help ameliorate subsoil acidity and aluminium toxicity, assisted by Precision SoilTech research officer Wes Lefroy... Bencubbin grain grower Tony Sachse is trialling aggressive tillage methods to fast-track the movement of lime into acidic and aluminium-toxic subsoils that make up parts of his 9700-hectare property... For most of the 40 years that he has run the family operation with wife Margo - and now son Ben - he has been topdressing lime at a rate of 1 to 1.5 tonnes/ha on these areas every summer...
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" Over the Fence Western Region - Chris Reichstein 07 November 2012 Esperance grain grower Chris Reichstein's careful planning and farm-wide adoption of innovation is reducing his nitrogen bill, promoting better soils and limiting herbicide resistance... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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