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beta sigmoid equation

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Mitscherlich equation is currently used to define the Colwell-P soil test - crop response relations for crop species, soil type and seasonal combinations... The paper presents an alternative equation to defining Colwell-P soil test critical levels for wheat which overcomes this problem and will result in a more profitable and environmental sustainable wheat production system... Where, RY is relative yield; a, b, and c are constants; and Colwell-P is soil P measured for the 0-10 cm layer by the procedure of Colwell (1963)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
P4/S9 and P2/S4 were the two most profitable sequences and, overall, the 'maximum profit - P4' philosophy had the highest mean gross margin... It is logical that those growers that have chosen to have no livestock will have no interest in trialling grazing crops... Overall, the data has indicated that for the biserrula inoculant all of the carrier's have difficulties in carrying enough live rhizobia numbers to adequately nodulate the legume hosts after 3-4 months of dry, hot soil...
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