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Getting mouldboard ploughing right, the advantage of an expensive herbicide strategy and how not to narrow windrow burn are just some of the initial learnings from a long-term trial in southern Victoria's high rainfall zone... Five years ago, Dr Preston surveyed paddocks in southern Victoria and found some worrying results... "We discovered that 60 per cent of paddocks between Geelong and Hamilton had ryegrass resistant to both group A and group B herbicides," Dr Preston said...
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Spot form of net blotch.. M Variety currently undergoing malting accreditation... F Food grade barley, accredited for human consumption markets...
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Published by the Department of Primary Industries Grains, February 2011... Limiting inoculum for rust diseases by controlling the green bridge in the previous summer autumn remains important... End use; M = milling, F = feed grain, G = grazing, H = hay Height; D = dwarf, M = medium, T = tall Maturity; E = early, M = mid season, L = late Hectolitre weight; H = heavy, M = medium, L = light Disease resistance; R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible Disease tolerance; T = tolerant, MT = moderately tolerant, MI = moderately intolerant, I = intolerant 30 Victorian Winter Crop Summary..
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Figure 1 Wheat yields were doubled when grown after two resistant crops.. Best management practices rely on choosing tolerant varieties (that will yield well when nematodes are present), avoiding very susceptible wheat varieties (that build very high populations of nematodes in the soil), and growing resistant crops (to keep nematode populations low)... The most reliable way to tell if nematodes are present on farms is to have soil tested in a laboratory because symptoms of nematode damage can be difficult to distinguish - often attributed to "a dry finish", "a poor season" or "nutrient deficiencies"...
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