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nitrogen treatment

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The Lower Eyre Peninsula survey showed most paddocks had internal blackleg infection levels below 10% unlikely to suffer a yield or oil content penalty... Current varieties have a number of resistance genes if blackleg overcomes one resistance gene, other resistance genes remain effective and so the crops should not become completely susceptible... Final grain yield after slashing was similar in all varieties (about 0.8 t/ha average), except CB1206 (0.2 t/ha)...
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The grain yield of canola was more sensitive to GS 32 dry matter cutting and given the 2-3 fold difference in the value of grain to feed value in canola, grazing at this late stage is likely to reduce gross margins... Dual purpose cutting did not reduce grain yield relative to the grain only yield of any crop type... Generally the Cycocel treatments applied alone at GS 24 and 30 had the greatest increases on yield...
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