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The research has been conducted across the mid north of South Australia to determine if new and existing varieties of wheat vary in tolerance to commonly used herbicides.. The sensitivity of the variety is summarised, using the following symbols based on the yield responses across all trials: - not tested or insufficient data (z) no significant yield reductions at recommended rates or higher than recommended rates in (z) trials N (w/z) narrow margin, significant yield reductions at higher than recommended rate, but not at recommended rate significant event occurring w years out of z years tested... (2/5) = tested for 5 years, 2 returning a significant yield loss x% (1/z) yield reduction (warning) significant yield reduction at recommended rate in 1 trial only in z years of testing x-y% (w/z) yield reductions (warning) significant yield reductions at recommended rate in w years out of z years tested...
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To compare yields of varieties in a specific region select Long Term Results from the trial options balloon... Growers in districts at risk of pre-harvest rains are advised to avoid delaying harvest of these varieties... The Eyre Peninsula in autumn but wide Growers are encouraged to dispersal of stem rust in spring is thought maintain this level of resistance and avoid to have originated from a very early sown adopting varieties more susceptible than crop of Kite wheat at Baroota in the Mid Gladius and Yitpi...
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