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irrigated wheat yield

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Irrigated wheat with dramatically reduced lodging potential could soon become a reality for growers with new germplasm likely to be delivered to seed breeding companies within three years from the Better Irrigated Wheat Germplasm research project funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)... CSIRO Research Director and Better Irrigated Wheat Germplasm project leader Dr Lynne McIntyre said the current research aimed to identify lodging resistant lines and transfer the lodging resistance into regionally-adapted elite germplasm... "Basically the project aims to deliver to Australian breeding companies traits and regionally-adapted germplasm with stable high harvestable yields of above 7t/ha and reduced lodging where less than 80% of the crop is at a greater than 70 degree angle from the horizontal," she said...
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Trials were conducted at Breeza, Narrabri, Emerald, Brookstead, Kingsthorpe and Gatton, although only the trials that exhibited significant levels of lodging are reported in this paper... The results from the trials suggest that Durums do possess greater yield potential than bread wheats of similar (quick) maturity, but also have a higher lodging risk on average... *Soil N measured for 0-120cm depth at Breeza & Emerald, 0-180cm at Gatton, and 0-90cm at Narrabri Table 2...
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LIFTING YIELDS FROM 5T/HA TO 8T/HA OR MORE Growing irrigated wheat in southern New South Wales and northern Victoria is more than simply adding water to dryland varieties... Higher yields require increased monitoring and correct management practices to avoid yield penalties... Constraints to achieving 8t/ha include late sowing, poor tillering, low water allocations that prevent the correct number of spring irrigations, inadequate nutrition, lodging, lower wheat prices or other agronomic factors...
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GRDC Grains Research Update (Goondiwindi) March 2014.. Northern Region Grains Research Update logo.. Goondiwindi Update - Challenging the limits and BFDC Interrogator Concurrent Sessions - March 2014 pdf 10.91 mb..
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