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Canadian farm adviser to address Lake Bolac grains forum.. A Canadian cropping adviser will be in Lake Bolac next month to speak with local grain growers about the potential for advancing their farming systems through innovations in agronomy... Southern Farming Systems (SFS) research on the best slug management options for growers will be presented, and David Watson from Agvise Services Pty Ltd and Corinne Celestina from SFS will delve into the topic of weed management through the incorporation of fodder into cropping rotations...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
New findings on the biology and control of Mandalotus weevils including insecticide trials.. In recent seasons, wetter weather patterns and some good winter rainfall has largely reduced pest pressure on established crops in winter and spring, and in both 2010 and 2011 there were fewer reports of damage from spring pests such as aphids, diamondback moth, and native budworm (Table 1)... Efficacy was assessed by releasing marked weevils after the plots had been treated with insecticide (within 28 hours) into cages in the centre of plots for 7 days and afterwards assessing recovered weevils as alive, moribund (unable to feed) or dead...
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