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Growers are invited to bookmark Variety Central on their website browsers to help manage information about the EPR collection system, the EPR rates for different varieties, seed distribution status and links to websites that can help manage compliance with licencing agreements... Mr McGrath describes the website as a key resource for understanding licencing agreements associated with EPR varieties, as well as information about new varieties, fact sheets and information about seed distribution and contact details for the seed companies... "I also include media statements from breeding companies about the release of new varieties in the 'News' section and hope to soon include a summary of all the new variety releases for which seed is available for the first time."..
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The possibility of charging EPRs provides a direct commercial incentive to encourage breeding companies to continue breeding new varieties that meet the needs of growers... These two main collection systems are: Automatic deduction of EPRs by grain traders buying from a grower; or Royalty managers directly invoicing growers for EPRs... When making decisions on new varieties, growers are encouraged not just to consider the level of EPR they are likely to pay but the performance of the variety after consulting the National Variety Trials (NVT) website, local trials, agronomic advice and marketing opportunities...
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