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double cropping system

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The aim of the project was to investigate opportunities to improve the profitability and water use efficiency (WUE) of irrigated cropping... The outcomes from the project were to deliver real economic benefits to the Australian grains industry from field trial demonstrations and the publication of the best management practice guide... The aim of the project was to demonstrate high annual production yields being consistently achieved in an irrigated farming system...
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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
The aim of the project is to overcome the barriers in growing two crops under irrigation in 52 weeks or less... Double cropping entails more than just growing a winter crop then following it with a summer crop... Core sites will be established to enable accurate and intensive investigation following identification of the most critical regional issues identified by the project steering committee, while taking into account relevant prior RD&E.Preliminary issues already identified in the GRDC Irrigation Regional Cropping Solutions (RCS) Network will form the starting point of the project, namely reliable assessment of herbicide residues in irrigated cropping systems, new technology in herbicide tolerant crops and maturity of crop varieties in Northern Victoria...
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