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retaining stubble

Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
For many growers, particularly in higher rainfall and irrigated areas, stubble can cause significant management issues that can affect their profitability... In the situations, many growers are forced to remove the stubble, principally through burning... Advances in machinery technology has meant there are alternative methods or practices that growers may employ to successfully retain stubble whilst minimising the issues that come with retaining stubbles...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
14 BWD00024: Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble in Victoria and Tasmania .................................... The over-arching aim of the project is to improve yield and water-use-efficiency of irrigated wheat production across the Northern Region by developing improved agronomic practices to reduce the incidence of lodging and increase the yield potential of irrigated wheat... Overall, the project will deliver a comprehensive research, communication and extension program that will ensure more effective management of water repellent agricultural soils in WA whilst building capacity for future soils research and development in Western Australia...
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